Success Stories

The experience in Hortitec with Jiffy products is recent but very productive, we have worked in the production of vegetables in different media and using several techniques. We detail below the main experiences and results we have obtained.


The use of the Jiffy Growbag 70/30 coconut fiber managed to increase the yield of pepper by up to 30% compared to other substrates. This was mainly obtained by its excellent aeration capacity that allows to have healthy roots without affecting water retention. In addition, their chemical characteristics of low electrical conductivity and the buffered process with calcium and magnesium are noticed in the vigorous growth of the plants from the first week in the greenhouse.

Jiffy 7

The use of 36 mm Jiffy Pellets increased the precocity of the tomato and pepper harvest up to two weeks. Greater plant vigor was achieved in the nursery and once in the field the plant was established in a shorter time, which brings forth the flowering and therefore the harvest.

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