Brinkman Colombia constructs and operates nurseries for domestic and international markets. Our nurseries produce high-quality plants and trees using the best genetic material available, employing efficient propagation systems that will reduce the use of plastic bags, minimize the ecological impact, and create efficiencies in transportation and other producers' operating costs. Tree production includes quality commercial tropical hardwoods like Teak (Tectona grandis) and Melina (Gmelina Arborea) and a wide variety of precious native tropical species. Brinkman's industry-leading native species and teak seedlings capture 25 years of genetic improvement work in Central America. We have grown over 54 distinct species of endemic and rare tropical hardwoods, some of which had never been reproduced in a nursery.

We use the highest genetic quality seeds or cuttings obtained from superior trees ("plus trees") and grow under controlled environmental conditions. Species include genetically superior "super" certified Teak and Melina clones to maximize growth, quality, and yield.

According to customers ' needs and capacity, we also offer consulting services in the design, construction, and implementation of private nurseries